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Mercedes Lacky    Heather Alexander   Dr. Jane    Tom Smith 

A word of explanation. Filk is not a dirty word! It's a corruption of the word,"Folk", and the term probably originated at a Science-Fiction & Fantasy convention. There are songs about spaceships & songs about dragons. There are knights of old in shining armor, and knights of the future in space armor. Keep in mind, most Filk singers are NOT professionals, and some are good singers while others are (er, ah) enthusiastic. We try to give you the best on our page. The quality of music reproduction is usually better on the studio tapes than on the ones recorded live in concert. Be forewarned of occasional bawdy songs. You won't find these in just any music store, so join us in the fun and do sing along!

Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff:  CD $16
This sequel to Retro Rocket Science is another clever, well done CD featuring filk paradies on some great classic rock.
Carry-Ons, We Are the Cubs Fans, Every Mouse Just Wants to Rule the World, One Smith Leads to Another, The Night Kaga Brought the Lutefisk Down, Trills Just Want to Have Fun, Sympathy for Mr. Morden, Come to Mordor, Filk in the Lobby, Railway to Hogwarts, Byron, Infomercials, Who's That Squirrel?, Timelord Shuffle, Six Feet Under, Pocket Man.

Blake Hodgetts: CD $16
This filker's first CD is nicely recorded and contains several true gems.
One Filker's Week, The Reader, Proteins, Virtual Date, The Star Trek Next Generation Episode Guide, The Inner Light, Hot Point Warm Heart, The Little Blue Man, Boundless?, The Great Nebraska Sea, Prisoners of Time, A Habitrail Named Klein, Donnymere Glade, My Love Was Like the Moon, Lost Things.

Tempest: CD $15
combines the reels and ballads of old England with contemporary electric instruments.
Hal-anTow, Raggie Taggie Gypsy, A Kiss in the Morning Early, Reels on Fire, The House Carpenter, Whiskey in the Jar, Dark LoverTam Lin, Mad Tom of Bedlam, The Ballydesmond Set.

Brocel´ande: CD $16
These original arrangements of traditional and Early music include driving, danceable Celtic and Medieval beats, haunting ballads and the exciting 4-part vocals of a capella Renaissance madrigals.
As I Roved Out (Trad. Irish), The Joy of My Life/Out On The Ocean/ Star Above The Garter (Trad. Irish jigs), Santa Maria, Strela Do Dia (Court of Alfonso X, 12th c.), Dulaman (Words by Christy Martin, music trad. Irish), Sarabande from Suite for Cello in G/ Century House (J.S. Bach/W. Kristoph Klover), Hal-an-tow (Trad. Cornish) The Broom O'the Cowdenknowes (Trad. Scots), Cantiga Medley (Court of Alfonso X, 12th c.), Blackwaterside (Trad. Irish), Il Est Bel et Bon (Pierre Passereau, 16th c.), Here's to the Maiden (Thomas Linley, 18th c.) My Heart Doth Beg You'll Not Forget (Orlando di Lasso, 16th c.)

Captain Jack & The Mermaid
Meg Davis: CD $10
This is a new CD release of the classic tape.   Several other popular songs have been added.
Wind In the Pipes, The Elf Glade, Yevgenia and the Snow Dragon, Saemus and Ivy, I'm Late, I'm Late, The Nightmare, Because You Have Wings, Captain Jack and the Mermaid, Monster's Lullaby, Swing the Cat, Behold the Green Gryphon, Polly Oliver's Problem, If I Had My Life To Live Over, My Winter Rose, Other People's Children, The Claddagh Walk, You Will Remember Me

Tania Opland, Mike Freeman: CD $18
Music from Anne McCaffrey's world of Pern, composed, arranged and performed by Tania Opland and Mike Freeman.
Robinton's First Whistle Tune, Duty Song, The Masterharper's Ball, Golden Egg of Faranth, The Plains of Telgar, Fighting Thread, Dragon Lady, The Question Song/Star Stone, Robinton's Dream, Golden Egg of Faranth II, Nonsuch, Red Star Passes, Fire Lizard, Golden Egg of Faranth III, Merelan Lessa's Ride, Robinton's Whistle Tune II, March of the Wings.

Kathy Mar:  CD $16
Flowering Green, The 20th Century Is Almost Over, Santa Monica Pier, Everybody"s Moon, Merlin, Shapeshifter, No Such Thing, New Life, Rise Up, Song Of The Ripper, Dirty Movie, Daughters and Sons, Child's Song, Water, Fire and Smoke, The Word of God, A Healing In The Night

Various:  CD $ 15
This CD features parodies by Bob Kanefsky of many favorite filk parodies.
Acts of Parody, Nobody's Moggy Lands, Doppel-entendre, Mutant Generations, Something's Under the Bed, By the Time I Get To…, The Comforts of Home, Eternal Flame, Wise Men Feared to Tread, Mineral Rights, Threes: Take 3, December of Cambreadth, Meltdown, Dear Departed, Black Flag.

Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff:  $16
This clever, well done CD features filk paradies based on the best of 60's & 70's rock.
Hotel Dealer Floor, Every Single Song She Sings, The Actor, Hangin' Out at Cheers, Mock the Turkey, Pharaohs of Filk, Every Breath, Knight's in White Satin, Eldorado, Closer to the Plot, Another Job at the Mall, Won't Get Fooled.

Various:  CD $16
This collection of original songs is a musical celebration of Space exploration.
Witnesses' Waltz, Big Blue Sky, Fire In the Sky, Now's the Time To Touch a Star, Hope Eyrie, Surprise!, The Pioneers Of Mars, If We Had No Moon, I Want To Go To Mars, Star Fire, Others Standing By, The Challenge, Dog On the Moon.

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Heather Alexander: CD $17.50
The selections on this CD, released in Feb. 2004, were recorded at Heather's live concerts.
Festival Wind, Broom of the CowdenKnowes, Ghillie Chalium/Musical Priest/Butterfly/Swallowtail, The Devil and the Farmer's Wife, Hap'n' Frog of Cambreadth, Bedlam Boys, King Henry/Black Nag, High Barbary, Twa Corbies, The Molecatcher, Blue Heron/Cranky Crawdads/Mittens on the Moon, The Golden Ring, The Bow's Turned Back.

INSH'ALLAH  The Music of Lion's Blood
Heather Alexander: CD $17.50

Released in Feb., 2002, this CD was designed to be a companion album for Steven Barnes' novel, Lion's Blood.  Heather combines original Celtic music with Middle Eastern influences to create an Afro-Irish blend that brings you into the world of Lion’s Blood.  This is good music with or without the book.
Fire On The Sea Alexander, Laddie, Are Ya Workin'? Obermarck/Alexander, We Are Bound Alexander, The Enneagram Alexander, Green are the Hills Obermarck/Alexander, Path to Alexandria Set(Fiddle Tunes) Trad. Arr. Alexander, Deirdre's Lament Alexander, Fresh Hops and Hemp Alexander, Wild Seeds Alexander/Ochipinti, The Mushroom Song Alexander, Gruagach! Alexander, Insh'Allah Alexander, The Battle for Mosque Al'Amu Alexander New Northwest Alexander, Road to Lisdoonvarna Set(Fiddle Tunes) Trad. Arr. Alexander, Destiny Alexander.

GYPSY'S HOME Songs of the Roving Life
Heather Alexander: CD $18
Released in May, 2001.  A beautiful mix of original and traditional, sprightly and plaintive songs.  Though not historical Gypsy, the music conjures images of "brightly coloured skirts swirling 'round a campfire, beautiful horses and captivating tales…"
Gypsy Bardic Tinker People, Laydies Bryng Your Flowers Faire, Come by the Hills, Wooden Toy Sword, Gypsy's Fire, Wandering Willie/The Wily Old Bachelor/Within a Mile of Clonbur, Heather on the Moor, The Hexhamshire Lass, The Whistling Gypsy Rover, Come with Me Sir, Star of May Morning, Chickies in the House/Napoleon's Rant/Duncan's Dance, The Witch of the Westmereland, A Gypsy's Home.

Heather Alexander: Cas $11, CD $18
Heather's next album after her highly acclaimed "Wanderlust". Recorded at 3 live concerts in Berkeley Ca. during July of 1996. Has songs both old and new, some previously recorded, some available here for the first time. (Songs with an * are found on the CD only.)
Intro to Eggs & Crumbs, * Cat & the Fiddle, * Intro to Black Jack's Lady, Something Dark, Voices of the Sea Samhain, Defender of the Child, Ragged Man, Stormbringer, Kiss Me Jack Frost, Llfe's Flame, Hap'n' Frog, Old Man From the Barrow, Blood Brothers, Creature of the Wood, The Garden, Lifetime of Song.

Heather Alexander: Cas $11, CD $18 (53 min.)
A great mix of Heather's rich vocals & pyrotechnic fiddling. (Heather is the first fiddler we've seen that can belt out a song while simultaneously fiddling & stamping her foot!) 12 (mostly) original pieces, both silly & serious. Be sure to read the insert for comments on the individual songs.
Harvest Season, Stable Boy, Stolen Child, John Barley- corn, Pour Your Brother, Faerie Queen, Storyteller, An Sceal, Contrari Dance Neverland, Wanderlust, Raise a Glass.

Heather Alexander: CD $18
Original music and lyrics by Heather Alexander (with a little help on two songs by Phillip Obermarck)
The Hunt is On, Wolfen One, Only the Music, Smoke Filled Pictures, Brannigan's Special Ale, Dance in the Circle, Horsdanz: Macy's Jig-Heather's Hound, Midsummer, Shattered Glass, Tomorrow I leave for Battle, March of Cambreadth, Courage Knows No Bounds, Flesh Against the Thorn, Close Your Eyes.

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Dr. Jane: CD $17 (45 min.)
Jane wowed the audience at Orycon '90 with songs from this dinosaur theme here's the tape and CD with backup of outstanding musicians including members of the Makebelieve Brass Band from Disneyland. A hilarious must for all paleontology fen!
Graviportal Polka, Out of the Clear Blue Sky, Tyrannosaur's Lullaby, Fossil Fever, Disappearin' Archosaur Blues, Ambition Plesiosaurnithology, Great Cretaceous Hadrosaur Quartet Preacher & the Prof, Labyrinthodont's Lament, Digga Digga Bone, Movin' the Bones.

Dr. Jane & The Primordial Ooze CD $18 (45 min.)
Indulge in an irreverent attack on Academia
I don't know it Blues, Creature In Loch Ness, Aria In Ape Flat Minor, Anthem Bureaucracy, Overflowin' Cat Box Blues, Dooda Rock, Middle Manager, Empirical Strikes Back.

Cindy McQuillin & Dr. Jane: Cass $11
A comedy musical duet with both originals and parodies that will have you rollin' in the aisles! Some of the songs may not be suitable for general audiences.
Have s Nice Day, Ain't Got No Body, Blame Game, Movin' the Bones, Never Too Late, Guilt Trip Snakes, PMS Song, Chocolate Song, more.

Cindy McQuillin, Dr. Jane, Margaret Davis, Kristoph Klover, Patrick McKenna & Sharon Williams: Cass 11
A collection of songs about their favorite'll probably find your own kitty in here too. From wry humor to the eerie.
Catbox Blues, Bella Chow, Kitty cst "Z", Lap Top Unit, Cats Are Not Graceful, A Familiar Beast, Milk to Feed the Cat, Autumn Cats, Kitten's Blood, When Kittens Call, Bedlam Cats, Flea Enterprise Night Mewslc, Cats, Skitter Skat Cat, Black Cat Blues, Only Human, The Cat Who Warps By Herself, Cats in the Dawn, Top Cat Rap.

Cynthia McQuillin   CD $17
Dark Moon Circle, As the Time Goes, Ashes, Song of the Warlock, Darkling Sea, Vessels, Sing I, Death Dreamer, Rowan Tree, Carnival Christ, Lucifer's Lament, Star Circle, The Maid and the Unicorn, A Familiar Beast, Magic Shoppe, Cup and Flame, Passion's Price, Ritual is the Best Excuse.

Cynthia McQuillin   CD $17
Hunter's Moon, Blood Red Roses, Widow's Web, Ruby Wine, Night Heat, Fairest Flame, Arise, My Love, The Tracker, Gay Vampire Boogie, Sometimes After Dark, Sweet Alice, Shadow, For The Steven Carr, Wolfling, Black Lace and Midnight, Fever Dreams.

Cynthia McQuillin & Friends   CD $17
This Heavy Heart, Looking for You, My Own Best Friend, "Diet"ribe, I'd Like To Tell You, Guilt Trip, For A While, Frustrated Woman, If Life were An Ocean, Pound Foolish, Things Just Might Get Better, Shoot-out At The I'm OK Corral, Addicted To Him, Hearts Of Fire, Big Bad Woman, Shifting Focus.

Cynthia McQuillin   CD $17
Witch's Dance, Dark Memories, When the Magic Takes, Cruel Hunt, Priestess, Cycles, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Transition of Power, Goddess, The Singer, The Witch and the Maiden, Darkness, Hero, At Midnight the Raven Flies, Sung in Shadow, Innocence, Re-enchantment, Wine, Wine, Wine.

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Tom Smith: CD $18
Over an hour of puns and parody.  Tom claims that his friend's basement has great acoustics.  We're sure, however, that any allusion to another well-known set of basement recordings is completely intentional.
Five Years, Denver Does Elvis, Callisto, Alien Adventures, Honey Glazed Ham, (Min)Barette, Be Our GOH, Seven Drunken Nights in Space, ConValescence, Sonuva, Filk In the Blanks, Instant Clinton, Barenaked Cockburn, On the PC, PC 99, Dammit, They're Felt and Legumes, DS8, Time Plot, Telly Taley Heart, 500 Hats, Smurfin'Safari.

Tom Smith: CD $18, Cass $11
Tom is probably the Midwest's leading filk performer.
Mand(e)la, Bermuda Triangle, On-Line Religion, Spam Spam Spam, Superman Sex Life Boogie, Garboo, Rocket Ride, Psychic Voicemail Hotline, CthuLite FM, Tome Smith D.

Tom Smith: CD $16  (currently out of stock)
This is a compilation of favorite songs from Tom's first two tapes plus a couple of newer ones.
I Want to Be Peter Lorre, Temperature of Revenge, Hellraiser, Starlight and Saxophone, A Boy and His Frog, Return of the King Uh-huh, Mandela, Operation: Dessert Storm, Walking Along the Beach..., PQR, Domino Death, Storm Dancing, 307 Ale, My Unicorn Song, Heat of the Blood, Rocket Ride.

Music by Mercedes Lackey
A very popular fantasy writer, Mercedes is also a prolific songwriter.
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Michael Longcor & Cecilia Eng:  CD $18
This is the newest Mercedes Lackey Valdemar music CD.
In the Pelagir, Errold's Grove, People, They Don't Know, Bad Magic Day, Song of the Bear Clan, On the Bridge, Send in the Silver Gryphons, Snare and Deadfall, Song of the Hertasi Water Killers, Kuari's Song, Lilly, Friends, Raucous, Rude and Rowdy

Leslie Fish & Heather Alexander: CD $18
Fantasy and science fiction songs w/ lyrics by Mercedes Lackey & music by Leslie Fish.  Songs based on books by C.J. Cherryh, Barbara Hambly, and LeBrackett and the Valdemar novels.
Signy Mallory, Medic, Eumenides, Gil-Shallos, Lammas Night, F.A.P., Winds Four Quarters, Jirel of Jorey, Of Cabbages, Golden Eyes, Mis-Conception, Kerowyn's Ride

Heather Alexander, Cecilia Eng: Cas $11, CD $17
Songs of Vanyel's time in the "Last Herald-Mage" Trilogy. Songs were written by Mercedes Lackey and Debbbie Saunders.
windrider Unchained, Demonbane, My Lady's Eyes, Web of Llght, The Colddrake, The Shadow Lover, Vrondl's Eyes, Shadowstalker, Earth Splrit, Nldght Blades, Hawk Brother, Magic's Prlce, The Herald's Creed.

Various singers: Cas $12, CD $18 (60 min)
The companion tape to Lackey's "Heralds of Valdemar" series.
Holderkin Sheep Song, Meetlng, Threes, Philosophy, Her Fathers Eyes, Dark & Stormy Night, Healers Dilemma, Sun & Shadow, Talia, The Face Withln, Laws, more

Various singers: Cas $11, CD $17
The sequel to "Heralds, Harpers & Havoc". All the fen at our con tables have been grabbing this one!
My Lady, Coming Home, Chosen One, Dark Ending, Trapped Between, One Answer, Cost of the Crown, Battle Dawn, Trio, Confusion, Heart's Own, Promlse, Recall, Maiden's Hope.

Various singers CD $18
Features singers Heather Alexander, Leslie Fish, Cecilia Eng, and Larry Warner.
Lover's Untrue, Hawk on the Wing, Lizard Dreams, Song of the Seasons, Snow Beast, War Song, Gift of Amber, Wind's Four Quarters, Oathbound, Hindsight, Advice to Young Mages, Price of Command, Advice to Would-be Heroes.

Various singers: Cas $11, CD $18 (45 min.)
More songs about Tarma & Kethry. Sung by Leslie Fish, Heather Alexander, Michael Longcor, Frank Hayes.
Always a Reason, Swordlady, Need, Mlrror Spell, The Leslac Version, The Archivist, The Sunhawks, Oathbreakers, Love Found, Suffer the Children, Contemplations, Surprised by Joy, Leslac's Last Lament.

Meg Davis: Cas $11, CD $17 (45 min.)
Based on the novel by Mercedes Lackey, but all songs written & sung by Meg, who needs no introduction to filking fen.
Open, Warrior, Blade of Desire, Serious Business, Thinklng Out Loud, Draw the Clrcle, Edge of the Forest, Kyree, Guardian of the Nlght, Keep the Peace, Women of Steel.

Heather Alexander, CD $18
This is a stunning album with vocals by Heather Alexander, lyrics by Mercedes Lackey, music by Leslie Fish & arrangements by Cecilia Eng. Special guest performances by Paul Espinoza & Florie Brown of "Golden Bough."  All original, some songs are based on SF or Fantasy stories.
Arafel's Lament, The Duke's Eldest Daughter, The Captive, Dream Rider, Snow Magic, The Patterns of Amber, A Last Battle, Rejected, The Trap, Choices.

Liief Sorbye, CD $15
This solo album inspired by the Bedlam Bards series features acoustic instruments with a touch of electric spice.
Montara Bay, Maybe Someday, The Nexus, Busker's Lament, Pass the Hat, Underhill, I Won't Drift Away, Ya Amar-you moon, Fatima's Garden, Krivo Sadovsdo Horo, For Three of Us, Montara Bay Reprise